healthy recipes
Welcome to Kristy’s Kitchen

What is Kristy’s Kitchen?
Kristy’s Kitchen is a personal website and blog created and maintained by me, Kristy! This site offers sensational recipes and cooking ideas for healthy eating in order to break the myth that healthy food tastes bland, cost lots of money or takes too long to make. Eating healthy isn’t about sticking to a harsh diet, keeping an unrealistically skinny figure and most importantly it is not about depriving yourself from your favorite flavors. This website is unique because it features healthy recipes to inspire readers to enjoy cooking and eating healthy foods!

How did it get started?
My husband and I go through periods of getting so wrapped up in our busy lives that we find ourselves going out to eat a lot or eating foods that could clog your arteries after one serving. We have been making great efforts to eat at home more often and cook meals that will boost our immune systems and give us more energy. To keep myself on track, I began sharing recipes with friends on face book. After a few years of collecting and sharing recipes with family, friends and co-workers the old fashion way; a close friend suggested that I start a webpage and call it “Kristy’s Kitchen.” While this was more or less said to be funny, I thought it was actually a brilliant idea!

Where do the recipes come from?
Some of the recipes are from family and friends, some were created by me; however, most of the recipes have been collected over time from various cookbooks, magazines, and web sites. If a recipe has been pulled, the source will be listed. I have taste tested all these wonderful meals and will only post them if they are healthy and mouth watering!